On- Site Labs

Williamsburg Urgent Care has state-of-the-art technology for quick and accurate diagnosing.

No need to wait days for blood test to result. In addition to the routine testing of Strep, Flu, RSV, Mono, Diabetes, Pregnancy, UTI and BV, we offer on-site blood tests to help diagnose and treat immediately.

Though we offer many on-site tests, there are some instances where your labs need to be sent out to laboratories for further processing.

If your lab tests results need further evaluation, we can provide a referral to see a specialist to get the care you need.


In House X-Ray

Williamsburg Urgent Care has an on-site, state of the art, high-resolution digital imaging for a clearer diagnosis with the lowest-dose of radiation possible. You will know the extent of your injury before you leave.

If your injury requires additional medical attention, our staff is experienced and trained in splinting, supporting and immobilizing your injury.

We also have established relationships with local Orthopedic Physicians as well as other specialists if a referral for additional care is needed.